It has been over 10 years since the Carlo Coen Motocross School has been in session. It’s been 10 years too long. Starting in 2015, the school will make weekly stops at the Orange County Fair Motocross in Middletown, NY on Thursday. You can schedule a class very soon through our registration portal. For those who don’t know these facts, Carlo Coen has trained many riders in the Hudson Valley over the many years of his classes. Some note worthy riders are: Ryan Mills, Justin Barcia, Phil Nicoletti, and many, many more. Carlo rode as a pro rider since 1983. Riders such as Doug Henry and John Down rode with Carlo even starting in the VORTEX Video created in the early 1990’s. From Beginner riders to Experts wanting to learn the tips and tricks to qualifying for a National race, Carlo has the skills and experience to train a rider to obtain their goal. Look for more information very soon on this website. Thanks for waiting, we are glad to be back in action. 


Carlo Coen #67